How To Get Around BetStop in Australia: Top 5 Ways

How To Get Around BetStop

Nowadays, there are increasing restrictions on responsible gambling through various self-exclusion programs. In Australia, the government came up with BetStop. It is a program that helps punters manage their gambling habits. However, it has a distinctive set of limitations. If you are a BetStop Australia member and want to restore your trust in responsible gaming, you should explore alternatives. You’re in the right place, as we’ll show you how to get around Betshop using our top 5 techniques.

What is BetStop Australia and how does it work?

Using the safe and cost-free BetStop – National Self-Exclusion Register, you can, for a minimum of three months or permanently, ban yourself from all Australian-licensed online casinos. Enrolling is voluntary, simple, and fast. All you require is an Australian driver’s license or Medicare card, an email address, and a mobile phone number. The gambling website won’t be allowed to accept bets, create new betting accounts, or send you advertising materials after you’ve registered with BetStop.

5 Best Methods How To Get Around BetStop  

How to bypass BetStop in Australia is actually not such a difficult question. You can accomplish this in several ways, but we’ve chosen five of the easiest and most efficient for you. Check them out below. 

1. Sign up for a platform without a licence from Australia 

Utilising websites that have nothing to do with BetStop in Australia is one of the most popular ways around self-exclusion. If you’re an Australian player, you can continue to play your favourite casino games by creating new accounts on websites that aren’t associated with BetStop.

It is imperative that you restrict your selections to casinos that are not regulated by the Australian authorities, but still hold valid licences. In our expert opinion, it’s best to steer clear of gambling on unregulated websites. Operators without licences have the potential to keep your gains, compromise your financial and personal data, and encourage further illicit activity.

2. Bypass BetStop with a Virtual Private Network service 

Services like Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) can assist you in getting over geo-blocking limitations. Both your IP address and location can be changed using it. VPN solutions enable you to access online casino sites from Australia that are authorised abroad. Additionally, a VPN can alter your location when you access Australian casinos, giving the impression that you are logging in from a different country.

VPN solutions can be paid for or provided for free, but what matters most is that they are trustworthy. We advise you to use a paid version to take advantage of better service, a safer setting, and a wider range of countries from which you can retrieve IP addresses. Lastly, we would like to highlight that some gambling websites prohibit you from using VPNs. Should they discover it, your account can be assigned a suspension.

3. Opening Multiple Accounts at Different Sites

This strategy involves creating different accounts at various casinos to go on gambling even after being barred from one or more websites. Nevertheless, managing numerous accounts on the same gambling platform is typically against the operator’s terms and conditions.

So, the practice of opening multiple accounts across various casinos can result in the suspension or cancellation of all linked accounts. We also must warn you that the bookmakers frequently conduct identity checks, particularly when there are significant payouts. Using multiple identities could make getting your winnings and having your account verified more difficult.

4. Join a casino that accepts cryptocurrencies

Creating an account on crypto-friendly gambling sites is one of the ways around Betstop in Australia. Unlike credit cards, for example, using cryptocurrencies as a payment method does not require revealing confidential data.

This supports anonymous gambling as well as the preservation of personal data integrity and privacy. We would like to share a few more benefits of cryptocurrency solutions like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and others. This payment method allows funds to be transferred quickly to or from the account, usually at no additional fee.

5. Switch to Gambling Shops 

The doors to classic casinos will always remain open to you, regardless of your Betstop status. Because they are not subject to the same regulations, Australian land-based casinos are not covered by Betstop. Therefore, by accessing an offline gaming site, you can circumvent the self-exclusion program.

Of course, this strategy has the drawback of requiring you to leave the comforts of your house to play at a real casino. Nonetheless, there are a lot of benefits as well. Promoting social contact and offering a wide range of well-liked games, such as pokies, are among them.

Australia’s Leading Online Casinos Not Listed on BetStop

As we previously mentioned, you are permitted to join online casinos that hold licenses from global regulatory bodies until your self-exclusion period has elapsed. Spin Samurai, Casino Rocket, and Wild are the top three Curacao-licensed websites where you may continue to gamble without restrictions while avoiding BetStop.

The platforms in question are crypto-friendly and offer substantial promotion sections with incentives for both new and existing members. A few more things that differentiate Spin Samurai, Casino Rocket, and Wild are their regular slot tournaments, VIP programs, mobile apps, 24/7 customer service, and instant payouts without extra costs. Nevertheless, each of them also has unique qualities, as you can see in another piece on our website.

Risks and Repercussions of Using False Information 

Although it may appear alluring, spreading misleading information to prevent self-exclusion carries a high risk and can have repercussions. See the three primary ones in the list below:

  • You risk forfeiting all gains, losing access to your account, and being permanently banned from the site if it is discovered that you have been using fraudulent information
  • Information regarding dishonest customers is frequently shared by online casinos, which can result in blacklisting on several websites and drastically reduce your ability to gamble in the future
  • One of the most serious consequences is that identity fraud-related actions can have a negative impact on your reputation and credit score

Issues of Lawfulness and Ethics

The main goal of self-exclusion is to protect people from the harmful effects of compulsive gambling while simultaneously promoting responsible gaming. The ethical concern associated with participating in deceptive practices is subverting the principles of responsible gaming to save vulnerable players from damage.

You should know that regulated Australian online casinos must adhere to certain legislative and licensing standards. In case they allow users to participate in gambling when they are self-excluded, regulatory bodies may find this non-compliant and impose fines.

While services such as those from VPN providers have legitimate uses, their misuse to circumvent self-exclusion measures raises significant legal and ethical issues. We encourage you to research them thoroughly before engaging in gambling activities.

Final Takeaways

The operator stops the person from using their services as soon as the BetStop self-exclusion agreement is in effect. As you may have noticed, dedicated individuals can find methods around self-exclusion mechanisms even in the face of attempts to limit entry.

One of them is joining casinos not included in the BetStop list, whose reviews are available on our site – check them out! Lastly, we stress the significance of ethical conduct and responsible gambling online in Australia.


Does BetStop have an Australian presence?

Totally. All Australian-licensed interactive gambling service providers are linked by BetStop. It forbids these operators from granting self-excluded people access to their accounts, taking their stakes, or delivering promotional materials. Regulatory agencies have the authority to punish BetStop-included operators for rule violations.

How do I get past BetStop? 

There are several ways you can bypass the BetStop program in Australia. According to our expert opinion, the best is the use of VPNs, and multiple accounts, as well as joining crypto-friendly operators, casinos without an Australian licence, and gambling shops.

How long does self-exclusion last?

With BetStop, you voluntarily choose to forgo using and accessing specific gambling services for a predetermined amount of time, usually between a few months and several years. You are essentially forbidden from using these platforms to engage in any gambling activity during the relevant self-exclusion period.

Can you undo BetStop?

There’s also a strategy for it. You must submit an application to be removed from the National Self-Exclusion Register. However, you should be aware that it is not possible for you to request expulsion during the initial three months of your self-exclusion period.

How do I ban myself from pokies?

By enrolling in the self-exclusion program, you may take charge of your gambling habits when it comes to pokies. We want to be clear that this decision will not prevent you from playing poker exclusively. All the other services offered by Australian casinos, including pokies, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and so forth, will be unavailable to you.